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Why Your Hair Can’t Grow

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Although the hair of other races can be straight, wavy, or curly, most blacks have tightly curly hair to varying degrees. It may be spiral, coiled, circular, zigzag, or other curves. This is why it tends to grow upward rather than downward. It is a myth that black hair does not grow out. There is an article tell us the history about black peoples hair. According to your health and genes, all human hair grows about half an inch every month. Long hair is actually more about how much hair you retain after breakage. 

Black hair, because it is curly, is weaker than straight hair. This makes it easier to break. So our hair tends to be shorter, but that doesn’t mean it won’t grow out. Now we could know about why black people hair cannot grow , reasons are as follows

  1. Genetic cause
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According to Anne Tecklenburg Strehlow of Stanford University (Understanding Genetics), it is not yet clear which genes are responsible for this hair structure. However, because the hair follicles are almost flat and have a ribbon-like structure, African hair is very curly. African hair is not only strong, but also often rough.

The reason is that although African hair produces a large amount of protective oil called sebum (more than that of Caucasian and Asian hair), it is not evenly distributed along the hair fibers due to curly hair. Without lubrication, the fibers will dry out. When the fragile hair strands peel off and become rough, the hair becomes rough to the touch.

The brittleness of African hair increases the illusion that it cannot grow long. Tight curls create pressure on every circle of hair fibers, so when the hair strands become fragile and brittle, they can easily break. Therefore, tightly curly hair tends to stay short.

  • Age

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Similar to your genetics, age may also be the reason why your hair will not grow. Age affects the growth of hair, because with age, the growth cycle of hair will become shorter.

In addition, as you age, your hair tends to weaken. This is because you go to the barber shop for a long time, hoping to make your hair look more beautiful, such as styling, processing, and bleaching, which will damage your hair. And long-term eating habits will also have a corresponding effect on the hair. Therefore, if you want healthier hair, it is also necessary to maintain good living habits.

  • Hair shedding

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Anyone will lose hair! Hair loss is completely normal and natural. It is part of the hair growth process, and new hair can only grow out of old hair. Even the healthiest scalp can lose up to 150 hairs every day. When your hair loss starts faster than hair regrowth, you should pay more attention to this problem.

  • Pressure

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Stress has permeated all aspects of our health, including our appearance. Emotional stress is related to hair loss and overall decline in hair quality. Stress is harmful to our hair growth because it restricts the hair growth cycle.Reducing stress levels through relaxing activities can not only improve your mental health, but also your hair health. Therefore, it is imperative for contemporary young people to relieve stress.

  • Hair damage


Hair damage may be one of the main enemies of hair. The average person’s hair grows about 6 inches per year. If your hair is not properly taken care of and falls out as it grows, your hair will always remain the same length and it will be difficult to grow until you change certain habits. We can know that there are many factors that can cause hair damage. For example, excessive dyeing or frequent styling will damage the hair. In fact, we could wear the wigs to solve this problem, and there are many wigs we could choose, such as drawstring ponytails, clip ins for natural hair and so on, these won’t damage our hair but help us style our hair more pretty.You must pay attention to the care of the hair. Remember to massage the scalp gently when washing the scalp, remember to use too hot or too cold water, be sure to wash your hair with warm water.

  • Diet

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Like stress, your diet and exercise habits can have a major impact on your health. Just like your skin likes you to drink water every day, your hair likes you to eat a healthy, vitamin-rich diet. For example, when many women are on a diet, they will find that their hair falls a lot more than usual. This is because the hair does not absorb enough nutrients. There are several foods that are good for hair growth, such as eggs, avocado, spinach and soy products. You can pay attention to eating more of these foods in your usual diet.

In daily life, we must pay attention to all aspects of hair care, start with the little things in life, and protect our hair. Hair care is the most important thing for everyone. Everyone wants to look good. If you have beautiful hair, you look beautiful.

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