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How to Create Loc Extensions with Clip-Ins & Unlock 6 Easy  Loc Styles for Summer


Clip-in hair extensions are probably the most versatile type of hair extensions due to their ease of application, removal, maintenance, and versatility in styling options. They are suitable for most hair types, including fine, medium, and thick hair.We have shared numerous stunning hairstyles created with clip-in hair extensions in our previous blogs. Today, we are sharing a new method to transform your clip-ins into loc extensions. It is truly a game-changer for girls who want to instantly wear natural texture extensions and locs.

How to create loc extensions with clip ins?

Tools need to be prepared

Dreadlock Crochet Hook

A heavy object to secure press clip ins when you make the locs

  • STEP1. Choose the blend texture clip ins as desired.
  • STEP2. Prepare your clip ins clean and free of tangles.
  • STEP3. Comb the hair strands out.
  • STEP4. Select a proper strand of hair as desired and start twisting (select less hair for small locs and more hair for medium or large size locs).
  • Take one piece of clip ins,section the hair and select the appropriate strand of hair to begin twisting for the loc.
  • STEP5. Repat this process until you complete twisting all of your clip ins.
  • STEP6. Use a dreadlock crochet hook to crochet the twists into locs.
  • You can choose between a 2 teeth or 3 teeth crochet hook which depends on the size of the loc you are making.
  • Hold the crochet hook in your dominant hand and insert it into the twist. Wrap around the twist as you hook in to pull pieces of hair, and continue routing as you hook out to pull hair out.
  • STEP7. Repeat the same process until you have crocheted all the locs of your clip ins.
  • Twisting and crocheting locs takes a long time, so please do this in front of your sofa or a comfortable chair. You can also catch up on movies or your favorite shows at the same time.

Hair used is CURLSQUEEN clip in hair extensions,4b4c coarse kinky coily,18 inches

how to crochet twist into loc extensions

Why create locs using human hair clip ins

Locs can be seen as a form of hair freedom of black women, as they don't require the same level of maintenance as other hairstyles.It have been a popular hairstyle among Black women for centuries, and they continue to be a beloved and iconic style nowadays.

Traditional locs can also cause hair problems for girls, including issues with edges and hair breakage, dandruff, scalp itching, and a long styling cycle with limited options.

These issues can be resolved as we start using human hair clip-ins to create locs on your own,and you will also embrace more advantages with the human hair locs made from clip ins.

Enhance the natural look and volume by blending with your own hair twist.

When you choose the fitness texture of human hair clip ins for the locs you made, you can exactly mimic a natural look with your own natural hair twist. All the braids just look as if created with your own natural hair. Who can reject this?

Easy installation and more flexible to wear

Traditional dreadlocks require a high cost for installation, and you have to wear them for months until they loosen to avoid wasting money. But sometimes you may have a specific event to attend and need to remove the locs. However, when you create your dreadlocks with clip-ins, you can easily have them installed or removed, maximizing wearing flexibility.

More styling creativity and individuality

When you use clip-ins to create locs on your own, you can decide the size, shape, and ends as you want.This truly makes your locs more creative and individualized.

Reused for a long lifespan

Traditional locs would get loose after 2 or 3 moths,and need to reinstalled to give your scalp a breath. Locs would get loose after use once or twice,but the human hair clip ins made clip ins can last much longer and easy to be maintained.

Easy coloring and more color choices

When creating your own locs, using human hair clip-ins allows for more color options and the ability to easily add ombre colors or highlights for a unique style. While there may be risks involved in dyeing synthetic or mixed hair locs, using human hair clip-ins eliminates this concern.

Unlock 6 easy loc hairstyles for summer

unlock 6 easy loc hairstyles for summer

  • Products need to be prepared:
  • Scarf
  • Edges gel
  • Edges brush

Shoulder length loc hairstyles would be a perfect fit for summer as they requires less maintenance and brings significant natural looking for black girls.

As youve completed creating your own locs with clip ins,keep reading to use it to unlock 6 easy hairstyles for summer as following.

(*If you are unsure about which texture to choose for blending, feel free to email our CSR ([email protected]) with photos of your natural hair. We will provide you with our recommendations:)

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