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Type 4A type is called coiled hair that has a very tight S curl. The follicle is flat oval to a ribbon like and the hair weight grows vertically from the head, so the weight is going to come out. So you're going to get more root lived with that type of hair.  When it comes to recognize type for the actual shape of the coil, you can actually stretch the hair and pull it out away from the head you will be able to see that shape and it's going to be quite visible. So that's probably the best way to identify it.

It can be easily confused with type 3C because type for a it's quite curly and quite wrinkly, but it is definitely coilier than 3C and vice versa. In addition, when it comes to the growth and the volume, type 4A hair grows out and up, so you are definitely getting volume out and up.

When it comes to caring for Type 4A, because of its shape, there is lack of shine and moisture. So what you need is something going to enhance the moisture and shine.

Tip 1 Sulfate-shampoo

Sulfate shampoo which can nourish natural curls and restore shine and moisture while removing built-up is the best for type 4A hair. You can not make shampoo dry out and strip out the natural oils from your strands since type 4A hair has been dry texture and it is easy to be damaged without enough moisture. In order to pomp up your curls, wash your hair once or twice a week to clean and condition your hair with cool or lukewarm water in case of hair loss.

Tip 2 Moisture

4A hair should be moisturized often in fact all curly hair type should be moisturized regularly since they all require quite amount of moisture for the special hair shape. To prevent hair dry, the water-based leave in conditioner is the first step to reduce friction, tangles and knots. The products containing hydrating ingredients are effective to against dryness. Lock the moisture in with hair oil, cream or gel rich in hydrating fatty acids, film-forming humectants or emollients. High porosity hair need extra proteins and film-forming humectants while low porosity hair should keep away with proteins.

Tip 3 Minimal heat

The hair is composed of a kind of protein named keratin and the keratin is composed of many amino acids containing sulfur. The sulfur atoms bond together then the disulphide bonds come. The disulphide bonds make keratin in certain place and keep hair strong, when the heat is applied to your hair, the disulphide bonds will be broken then keratin chains change their place. The reformed place make hair behave straight. Since the original place has been changed, the strong structure is broken as well, your curls will be damaged more easily. The more you style your hair with heat, the more unhealthy your curls become. If you are going to use hot tools or chemical treatments, drench your ringlets in a heat protectant or control the temperature to protect your strands from heat damage.

Tip 4 Protective styles

Be gentle with your curls. 4A hair type is prone to tangle and if you detangle your hair hard, its easy to cause breakage. Run your fingers gently through or use a wide tooth comb to avoid hair loss.

Sleep with silk pillowcase. Wearing silk scarf or using silk pillowcase can avoid frizz and breakage. It is beneficial for protecting your curls since it can reduce the friction between hair and cotton cloth.

Choose protective hairstyles. Tight hairstyles will pull your hairline and edges tightly and bring tension to your scalp and roots. Wearing tight ponytail and high bun for a long time will damage your hair as well.

Tip 5 Hair extensions

Wigs and hair extensions can not only increase the length and volume but also protect your curls to some extent. Choose hair extensions which do not require heat and glue on your natural hair will also protect your natural 4A hair. Previous permanent wigs which need glue the lace to your curls will damage your hair and prevent hair growth although they can stay on your hair for a long time. However, the hair extension technology has been improved greatly and you can get painless curls without too much pressure on your own hair. No matter the drawstring ponytail, headband wig or clip in hair extension, Curlsqueen virgin human hair extensions can protect your natural hair well.

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