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What is the difference between the headband wig and All-in-one versatile wig?

The All-in-one versatile drawstring ponytail wig give you more alternative options on hairstyles than the headband wigs.

It allows you unlock different hair styles used it as a u part or half wig like headband wig and half up half down or ponytail.

What the size of the headband wig and All-in-one versatile wig?

The headband and drawstring around the wig cap are elicitable, so it is one size suit for customers with different head measurements.

How to adjust the size for the one size versatile-cap wig?

a. Don’t forget to make a knot at the end of your drawstring to prevent the stop locks be ripped off from the drawstring.

b. Press the stop lock set and pull the drawstring to adjust the size and make it fit your head.

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