CURLSQUEEN Human Hair Extensions


How to install your Microlinks to be secure and flat?

a. When doing I-Tip extensions, secure the microbead near the bottom part line, or else your extensions won’t lay flat.
b. Always prep your hair before installing microlinks.
c. Ensure that your hair is free of oily products before installation.
d. Select a section of extremely thin hair to make sure hair could be secure on head but not fall off.
e. Don’t install the microbeads too close to your scalp, as they can pull your hair and even break it off at the root.

How long can the microlink hair extensions be reused and when shall I get them tightening or redone?

a. Microlink extensions can be reused in 9-12 months with the correct care and maintenance.
b. Both I-Tip microlink and Microlink beads weft hair extensions can last 2-3 months for every installation.
c. Every 2-3 months redone and a tightening after 2 or 3 months installation is recommended.
d. Microlinks can be reinstalled 4 or 5 times if you take good care and maintenance.

How to Sleep With Microlinks?

When sleeping with microlink hair extensions, you could opt for a style like braided plaits or ponytails, which will restrict the movement of your hair enough to protect the bonds from coming loose and breaking during the night. You could also wrap your hair with a scarf or a satin bonnet.

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