CURLSQUEEN Human Hair Extensions

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How to avoid clip-in extensions tangling & shedding?

a. Make sure not to sleep with your clip-in extensions, when you sleeping with the natural hair extensions, clips would be easily mixing with hair while you tossing and turning in your sleeve, then hair tangles.

b. Not to shower or swimming with your clip in extensions, clips would tangle with hair after hair is wet, especially for curly clip-in extensions.

c. Wash and condition your extensions regularly.

How many clip-in extensions needs for full head?

10 pcs set is well for full head, and 5 pcs also work for those girls with thinner natural hair.

Will clip-ins damage my own natural hair?

No worries! Clips are designed to firmly hold in extensions without destroying your natural hair. It's like wearing a barrette or similar hair accessory! It won’t damage your hair.

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