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  • How does it work ?
    Make a purchase of 150 Grams + of tape ins or microlinks hair extensions at
    * Click button of GET INSTALL SERVICE VOUCHER in your order history account
    * Next , you will see a hairstylist directory where you could decide who you want to book
    * The prepaid voucher code is listed on each hairstylist page
    * Redeem the prepaid voucher code at check out on their booking site to waive the install fee
  • Does any purchase on curlsqueen hair extensions are eligible for free install service?
    No. Currently only purchase of 150Grams of Microlinks or Tape-in hair extensions are eligible for free install service.
  • How can I find free install service Hairstylist in my area?
    You could find them here Currently Curlsqueen only opens some tested free install spots. More free install service spots will be open if these test ones goes well and positive feedback were received.
  • How can I make an appointment with the Hairstylist on the free install service?
    All of the Hairstylist contact info is listed on their personal page. You could find them here.
  • Things to know before you book the free install service?
    All of the free services above are provided by hairstylists from CQ X Hairstylist Program and were stipulated by written agreements of both parties. Please kindly make sure you confirm below 2 things with the hairstylists when making an appointment on the free install service.
    1. All of the included free services details
    2. The add-on service fees
    We highly recommend you double check with the hairstyists again after you arrive. Curlsqueen will not take any responsibilities if there is any service deviation and unhappy service experience. However, you could still report it to curlsqueen if there is any bad experience, if it proves to be true after investigation , that hairstylist will be removed from our CQ X Hairstylist Program and local customers at the same area will be alerted to that.
  • These answers does not help me. How can I contact customer service for further assistance?
    Feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected] for further assistance.

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