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The main reasons why the curls frizz in winter

Humidity change

Climate change from dry to humid or from humid to dry might make your hair frizz at first. When you take shower at steamy washroom, the water molecules concentrate in the air. You style your hair in such a wet atmosphere but when you go out and get in touch with the cold and dry hair, the moisture and heat in your hair will diffuse into the air to reach thermal equilibrium. The higher is your porosity, the more crack are in your cuticles. And more moisture come and go in the balancing process. Curly hair is especially more susceptible to diffusion since there are more porous than straight hair.

The outside environment

Not only the clod winter, but also the equipment defending winter will cause your curls frizz, such as hats, scarves and gloves. The friction between the outside factors contribute to dry and brittle hair shafts as well. Silk and satin wear will protect your curls.

Static electricity

Static electricity might be the biggest problem that everyone will face especially in winter. Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. The charge remains until it is able to move away by means of electric current or electrical discharge.

When your hair rub with materials like polyester and nylons, the electric charges hair and clothes will exchange and the electrons will be imbalanced. The swap make the electrons build on your hair and your hair repel itself. Then flyaways and frizz happen. 100% cotton tend to hold less static electricity. The electric charges can be reduced and avoided by increasing humidity. The moisture make the hair conducive

How to keep the curls away from frizz

Moisture from all dimensions

To keep your hair away from frizz, the key is to keep your hair moisturized. Prep-style our hair with deep conditioner or leave in conditioner. Deep conditioner will help prevent breakage and keep your hair soft and moisturized because it can strengthen you hair. Leave it on your head for 15 minutes to one hour to make the deep conditioner into the cuticles.

Style your hair with creams, foams, mousse. Add a little bit curl cream help add more moisture to the curls and keep it soft and nourished. Leave in conditioner can add moisture to your hair while curl cream help define your curls

Finish the moisturizing process with oils, sprays, serums or gels. Oils or gels lock the moisture in. They can form a cast on your hair, lock the moisture in your hair and stop it escaping in the winter air.

Protect your hair

No matter you are wearing scarf, coat, or hat, your hair will be dry out, snagged, pulled and broken. Protecting your hair from dryness and breakage is important as well. When you are wearing scarf or coat, you can put your hair up in a pineapple. It help stop your hair from being blown around when you are going out in winter.

Wear a silk or satin lined hat. If you do not have the funds to change all wear into silk material ones, you can choose satin bonnet or scarf and put that on your hair first to wrap your hair under your hat.

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