Tips For Coloring Your Hair Extensions Without Spots


Choose hair extensions in good quality

Hair extensions from high quality human hair which keep intact cuticles are easier to saturate than synthetic hair extensions composed of human-made fibers which are at the risk of ruin due to the chemicals and human hair extensions represent more natural look.

Color before using hair extensions on your head

Dying your hair extensions pieces is more easy to manage than dying the hair mixture on head. You can manipulate the hair extensions pieces freely before installment. This could avoid irregular patches since you can observe and change hair color once they are unsatisfying.

Choose the color

Demi or semi permanent colors are recommended. Since human hair extensions has been processed, bleaching lightener or permanent color might bring damage to the hair. If this is first try, youd better choose a color in subtle change comparing with original color to prevent damage.

Color on damp hair

When the hair is damp, the cuticles will swell and absorb the colors better. Wash new hair extensions with gentle clarifying shampoo to remove the coating that the extensions are processed and achieve better color deposit and saturation. Hair extensions should not be sopping. Dry your hair with towel.

Color the hair extensions fully

Apply the color on the both side of hair extensions. Flip it over, color up and down, side to side to make more even color deposit and saturation. Take the color brush and spread the color to everywhere. You can take a strand test to ensure the color in line with expectations.  

Leave enough time for saturate

After processing the hair extensions, wait for 20 minutes then manipulate the hair again. Use a wide tooth comb to blend and hold the hair extensions in place when processing the hair extensions.

Rinse with cool water

Cool water help close up the cuticle. After processing your hair extensions, it is time to rinse the extensions thoroughly. Let the cool water run through the hair extensions from top and comb through the hair with fingers along the water flow to remove excessive hair dye. When you ensure that all the excessive dye is removed, shampoo the hair extensions with sulfate-free product.

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