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Clip in Hair Extension Tips for You to Go to Work


When you have beautiful hair, you get more Instagram likes and more dates. But when you have ugly hair, you get a new Instagram following: haters. But that’s life. As an ambitious career woman with a 9-to-5 job and other responsibilities, you can hardly afford to spend your time and money on expensive salons or stylists to keep your locks luscious and lustrous. We all know the struggle of how to wear clip in hair extensions at work!

If you are someone who is constantly juggling between meeting deadlines at work, keeping up with friends for happy hours after work and attending family functions after work, then it’s safe to say that beauty always takes a backseat for now. But as they say: ‘There is no beauty without pain. Here are some tips on how to wear clip in hair extensions at work so that you can look like a million bucks even when you feel like cents.

Why You Should Wear Clip-Ins

Wearing clip-ins is a great way to get instant length, volume and thickness. They are also a great way to add hair to an outfit for a night out. There are many different types of clip-ins, but the most popular ones are Kinky Curly clip ins.

There are many benefits of wearing clip-ins which include: they can be taken in and out easily, they usually don't tangle as much as other types of hair extensions, they have less weight than regular extensions so you can wear them all day without feeling discomfort and lastly, because they're not permanently attached to your head like other types of hair extensions, you can wear them for as long or short as you want! You can use clips from your own hair or from the store to create different looks with your clip-in extensions.

10 Tips For Styling Your Clip In Hair Extensions For Work

One of the most common things that people do to change up their look is to get hair extensions. There are many different types and colors of extensions, and you can style them when you go to work.

1) When styling your clip-in hair extensions for work, try not to go too overboard with the volume or color. Too much volume can make your hair look fake.A sleek and chic look will always be in style and will make you feel like a million bucks!

2) If you're going on a job interview or have a formal event coming up, it's best to stick with long extensions that are either natural or dyed the same color as your hair.

3) If you're on business trip, curl your extensions first before styling them. This will give them more of a natural look and help to tame frizzies!

4) If you want to add a little something extra to your hair extension style, try using clip-in earrings or necklaces. They can give your hair extensions a beautiful natural look and help to make you look more put together!

5)When styling your clip-in hair extensions for work, choose a style that is appropriate for work. Depending on the workplace, different styles may be more or less appropriate. For example, in a serious corporate setting, conservative style is usually best, while in a creative environment, more expressive styles may be encouraged. Ultimately, it is important to consider the culture of the workplace.

6)Use good quality human hair - The quality of the human hair you use is important because it will affect how long the extensions last and what kind of texture they have when you wear them for a long time

7)Try braids, braided buns, or twist outs to make your hair look more natural.

8)Choose the right extension for your hair type: There are different types of extensions that will work best with different types of hair. Be sure to discuss this with your stylist beforehand because they will be able to help you make a decision as to what will work best for you.

9)Clip them in correctly: When putting in your clip-in extensions, be sure that they are clipped into the root of your natural hairline so that they blend seamlessly with it when you wear them out in public or at work.

10)Use heat pats or curling irons (if you own one). Be sure to avoid using hot rollers as they can cause permanent damage to your extension hairs.

4 Way To Style Your Clip In Hair Extension

The Low Maintenance Way - Quick & Simple Updos for the Office

In the long run, it's not worth the time and effort of styling your hair just for a few hours in the office. So why bother? This post will show you how to find quick and easy updos that are perfect for those busy mornings on your way to work.

The Spicy Socialite Way - Perfect Ponytails for The Office

You can't have a bad hair day in the office! But if you are like me and suffer from unruly curls, here are some great ways to style your hair for work.

The Professional Sophisticate Way - Braids & Twists For Work

We all want to look our best on Monday morning. That's why we spent hours on our makeup and outfit the night before. But what about our hair? It deserves just as much attention. Here are two styles that are perfect for the professional woman:

The Splendid Bombshell Way - Messy Curls For The Office Hours

So you have a meeting at 9am and want to wear your hair curly. It's 8am now and you're realizing that your curls are going to be messy and not look the way you want them to. In this article, I'll tell you how I get perfect, messy curls in 5 minutes for any office day!

How To Care For Your Clip In Hair Extension

Hair extensions are an increasingly popular way to change up one's look in a snap. However, just like any other type of hair, clip-in hair extensions need to be taken care of properly in order for them to last as long as possible.

Washing your clip in hair extension

No matter how often you wash your clip in hair extensions, there are certain steps you must take in order to protect them and keep them looking their best. First, remove the clips using a pliers or snap ring pliers. Next, wipe the hair extensions clean with a cloth or brush – be sure to get all of the dirt and debris off! Next, if you use dye, perm, or styling products on your hair extensions, rinse them off before washing. Finally, hang the hair extension delicately by the clips in a shower cap or towel rack so it doesn't get wet inside the headpiece itself. Wash your hands thoroughly after washing your hair extensions – this will help prevent any infection from occurring!

Air dry your clip ins

Clip in hair extensions should be air dried after washing to avoid damage. Here are four ways to air dry your clip ins:

Use a hair dryer on low heat.

Put clip ins in a hair clip or clip-on hair tie.

Comb and moisture

Comb extensions gently in a downward motion with a wide-tooth comb.

Apply a small amount of conditioner to the hair extensions and comb through it until the conditioner is fully absorbed. - Repeat the combing process two to three times.

Let extensions air-dry completely after washing.

To keep extensions in good condition, shampoo them once a week and conditioner every two to three weeks.

Store your clip in extensions

Clip in hair extensions should be stored in a dry and cool place.

Store your clip in extensions in a dry and cool place.

Never leave clip in hair extensions in the sun or in a humid environment.

If your extensions start to feel dry or brittle, it is time to shampoo and condition them.

If your clip in hair extensions become tangled, brush them gently before washing them with shampoo and conditioner

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