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Top 5 Protective Hairstyles To Get You Through The Winter/Fall months


During the winter months our hair goes through a lot of changes that could negatively affect its overall health. When one is outside cold air and harsh winds tend to suck moisture out of our hair, wearing woolen hats and scarfs pull and snag at our delicate strands and once indoors and attempting to warm up our hair is then exposed to dry heated air. All these elements lead to extreme dryness which in turn could cause breakage, split ends and have hair looking very frizzy and hard to moisturize.

In this blog we go through 5 protective/low maintenance hairstyles for natural hair that will enable one to tuck their ends and delicate strands away during this season without having you neglecting your hair in the process.


Flat Twists

The beauty of flat twists is that they work perfectly for natural, transitioning and relaxed hair. Not only are they a quick protective style that is easy to grasp, they can also be versatile in the way you choose to do them ;buns,pigtails, pony tails or simply a couple lines to the back. Those with natural hair can choose to have the flat twists go from the nape up and leave their curls in front as a fringe.


French Braids

Similar to flat twists french braids are a great protective style alternative but require a little more effort and skill to do on your own. This style is easily versatile and can be worn in various ways.


Clips In Hair Extensions

Installing clip in hair extensions are another great low-manipulation protective style. They are multiple ways one could choose to install these. one could braid or flat twisting your hair prior to hooking the clip ins, if one can not braid or twist there own hair you could also pull your hair back into a bun and move forward to hooking the clip ins or the final option would be to let your hair down and as you part the hair hook the clip in to different sections/ opened parts.

Tip : If you are a naturalista , always go for those natural hair clip ins for the perfect blend result. If you are a black woman who always wear your natural hair relaxed or straightened . Go for Yaki hair texture because it mimics straightened black hair but still texture in it .

If you are a black woman who would like to rock your natural curly hair more, always go for curly clip in hair extensions of your texture.

Clip Ins For Spiral Curls

Clip Ins For Natural Curly Hair

Clip Ins For Kinky Curly Hair

Clip Ins For Coarse Kinky Fro Texture

Headband Wigs

Headband wigs have become popular due to the ease of just throwing them on. This protective style is as easy as pulling your hair back, throwing in a wig cap and putting the headband wig in position. The only thing that one has to think about with this form of style is deciding how they want to lay their edges.


The most common and most versatile style is getting a braided style done. They are various options and styles one could opt for and unlike the previously stated styles this form of protective styles is more long term. From: box braids to knotless braids,braided bobs and many other options of different lengths and sizes your options are endless.

Tip: be sure to ensure your braids are not done to tighty and to thin to prevent hair lose/thinning.

Even though your hair is tucked away always remember to keep your scalp clean and moisturize your scalp often.Pay attention to your hair and refresh or change your style often.

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