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5 steps one could take when looking to start a healthy hair journey.



  1. Evaluate what is currently wrong with your hair;Dead ends, broken edges, dry hair, thinning hair, excessive shedding e.t.c
  1. Make a list of why you think your hair is going through this damage. E.g Because the hair around the edges tends to be very thin they are plenty of reasons why yours could be thinning.For example thinning/no edges could be cause by:

  • Tight braids,

  • Relaxer damage,

  • Constant slick back hair styles,
  • Tight ponytails,baby hairs.
  • Your bonnet rubbing on your edges as you sleep.

2. Make a list of how you could repair this damage. This part does need a bit of research and reaching out to people that have been through the same issue. Let’s look at dry hair for example;

  •  Deep conditioning your hair more often
  •  Getting rid of dead and damaged hair as this hair tends to not be able to absorb nutrients,
  • Limiting/eliminating the use of heat (heat tends to dry out the hair and excessive use does result in hair damage which in turn limits the hairs ability to absorb nutrients) Moisturizing and sealing more often.

3. Make a plan of action including feasible timelines. The easiest way to help you achieve a goal is to set out a strategy on how you would achieve this goal and a deadline to keep you motivated.

  • Eg if you identify a majority of your hair is damaged you strategy to correct this could be to slowly trim off the damaged hair while looking after the new growing hair. This plan could include trimming your hair every 4 weeks for 6 months.     

4. Once you have gone through the above steps, getting on a consistent hair regimen to avoid ending up back in the same situation that made you want to start a healthy hair journey in the beginning will not only maintain the work you have done but also promote healthy hair growth for years on end.


Happy Healthy Hair Journey. You got this.


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