12 Easy At-Home Protective Hairstyles for Black Women with Straight Clip-Ins


Hi, Black Beauties! In the last blog post, we shared 5 easy clip ins for black girls, but most of them featured curly hairstyles. For those women with relaxed hair or who generally prefer straight or wavy hairstyles, are you still searching for new, easy hairstyles when you're tired of your current look?

In this blog, let's continue exploring more at-home protective hairstyles for black women with straight clip ins.

Middle Part & Side Part hairstyle with straight clip ins

The Middle part and Side part hairstyle with clip ins is the easiest at-home hairstyle,you just need to put on all the hair pieces in layers and do do side part.

French Twist Claw Clip Style hairstyle with straight clip ins

This is also a super easy at-home hairstyle you can complete easily by yourself.

It is a good choice for you if you are looking for an easy protective hairstyle with clip ins,you can finish within 3 minutes.

Step by step:

  1. Gather your hair into a ponytail and hold it in your right hand place your index and middle      finger on your left hand above your ponytail
  2. Tightly wrap the base of your ponytail up and over your fingers to the right
  3. Next hook and tightly twist your fingers to the left twisting one full turn counterclockwise as you bring it to the top of your head while using your right hand to keep your ends at the bottom. 
  4. Using your right hand gently pull up the base of your twist to create that French twist block twist and tuck your ends underneath and secure from bottom to top with the claw clip.

Messy Claw Clip Style hairstyle with straight clip ins

The messy claw clip style is nearly the same as above but at the alter at the step 3,instead of twisting your fingers to the left twisting one full turn,twist your ponytail clockwise two times

and use your right hand to Anchor the base of your twist as you bring it to the top of your head now get your ends out of the way and place your favorite claw clip over the middle of your twist

Middle Pony Half Up hairstyle with straight clip ins

The middle pony half up hairstyle is also super easy. It is more energetic than the all-down middle part or side part. This hairstyle is loved by most black girls as it is protective and easy to create for both coarse or silky textured hair.

Two Pony Half Up hairstyle with straight clip ins

The two pony half up half down is a cute and playful look that is perfect for hanging out or holidays. It is easy to maintain and create. You just need to place one or two clip-ins underneath where you want to create the half ponytail on both sides. Secure the hair with a rubber band, and effortlessly add length and volume to your natural hair as desired.

Low Ponytail hairstyle with straight clip ins

Low ponytail hairstyle is super easy and quick,it is an elegant  hairstyle for black women to wear in different occasions.

Unlike high ponytails, low ponytails are generally more comfortable to wear for extended periods. They put less tension on your scalp and hair, reducing the risk of headaches and hair damage when you are stress out.

It is also a protective hairstyle to help your natural hair grow under the clip in extensions.

Two Braids hairstyle with straight clip ins

The two braids hairstyle is considered as a vintage style which start to popular in 1940s and began to be popular again since 2023.

It is also an easy at-home hairstyle to protect your own natural hair to grow under hair extensions.

Messy High Bun hairstyle with straight clip ins

Messy high bun is really a true effortless and timeless hairstyles for all the ladies in different edges.

If you have an important appointment to attend but dont have enough time to do your hair,this will be the best hairstyle for you.

Rubber Band Criss Cross Ponytail hairstyle with straight clip ins

The rubber band criss-cross ponytail is a fun and unique hairstyle that is perfect for a variety of occasions for black women.

If you love natural hairstyles with braids but don't know how to braid or hate to spend too much time on it, this rubber band criss-cross ponytail is an easy way to start exploring more creative and protective hairstyles for yourself.

Half up half down with 2 bangs hairstyle with straight clip ins

You must have worn the half-up, half-down hairstyle multiple times, so let's make a small change by leaving two bangs to give it a fresher look.Isnt it a super quick and easy hairstyle for you to do at-home?

low ponytail slash bun hairstyle with straight clip ins

The low ponytail slash bun looks similar to the messy bun but more playful and it is also perfect for a variety of occasions.

You can create it at-home easily as following the below video:


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