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15 Easy-to-do protective Hairstyles When Transitioning


Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural texture is a long journey which takes time, care, patience and managing tips on different hair textures. What will be annoying is that your hair doesn’t work as you expected when you indeed trying to blend your new growth and existing hair. Some natural people choose to do big chop directly but that’s irreversible change requiring a lot of preparation and bravery. If you decide to transition to your natural hair gradually, then there are 15 easy-to-do protective hairstyles for transitioning hair with curly clip ins extensions for your information.

High Afro Puff    

Materials you need:

  • One bundle of clip ins depending on how thick you want puff be
  • A wide toothed comb
  • Leave in conditioner
  • Gel

Tutorial steps:

  • Wash and deep condition your natural hair.
  • Find the middle of the top of your head and make a tiny circle part on the top.
  • Add the curly clip ins in the back and the front of the middle part and make sure they are in the right place.
  • Part a larger circular part around the middle part you’ve made and add the short clip ins again. Repeat the step so that your puff will be full enough.
  • Put some gel on your natural hair closing to the root.
  • Shape your hair into the puff and tie them up.
  • Tuck the fly-aways in to make a more natural look.

Butterfly Locs

Tools to prepare:

  • One set of clip ins matching your natural hair texture
  • Moisturizer
  • Scalp oil
  • Gel

Tutorial steps:

  • Wash and air dry your natural hair as well as clip in extensions
  • Section your natural hair into parallel rows in horizontal and vertical directions and twist them into locs row by row.
  • Moisturize the roots and add the scalp oil to make your scalp healthy.
  • Secure the clip in extensions and separate each weft into strands.
  • Twist every strand into locs and curl the ends with gel.
  • Put the upper part of your natural hair into ponytail and add the twisted clip in extensions layer by layer from the bottom to the top.
  • Cover the tracks with natural hair in the top middle part of your head.

Curly Afro

Take an overall shower and blow out your natural hair to get rid of any dirt. Brush your hair thoroughly from top to the bottom. Because scalp grease or dirt would result in the hair extension loose and fallen.

Section your hair into layers and clip the rest on the top of your head which is conducive to installing the clip in hair extensions in case of getting the extra hair sandwiched in between. Each section you put the clip need be combed and sprayed. Fix the clips with an anchor in case of slipping out. Where the anchors will be depend on your hair texture, but they should scattered evenly around the sides and back of the head.

Take your clip-in hair extension weft out and open the the clips. Insert them over your sectioned hair and gently slide them on. Press the clips to keep them in place when they are properly merged with your natural hair.

Repeat last step until you get the volume you want and the clipped areas are properly covered.

When you finish adding all of your clip in hair extensions, gently comb your hair and take the gel to the roots to lay it down.

Rake your hair strands by strands and apply oil to your hair.

Repeat until the full head is moisturized and warp your head with satin scarf or bonnet.

Dry out your hair and unwrap the hair then you can get well-defined curls.

Half Up Half Down

Wash, shampoo,and condition your clip in extensions before using them.

Section your natural hair into 2 parts in horizontal direction and leave out some hair from ear to ear in both sides to cover the lash tracks on the top.

Secure the front part and leave-out part on the top and add some oil on the ends.

Detangle your natural hair with brush or wide tooth comb.

Make the lower part hair into flat twists and make them as flat as possible.

Fix the twists at the bottom and clip them at the back of your head with bobby pins.

Apply the clip ins to your natural hair and release the leave-out.

Add some oil on the leave out and twirl them to blend with natural hair.

Release the front part and spray some water on it. Detangle your hair with wide tooth comb and slick them down with gel.

Make the front side of your hair into bun and apply short clip ins around it. Clip the long weft upwards around the bun from top to bottom and take a piece of hair to wrap it around.

Half Up Half Down with Bangs

Section your natural hair from ear to ear and make the lower part of your hair into twists while fixing the upper part into bun.

Add some scalp oil into the twists and section apart a strand of twist in the middle from ear to ear.

Divide the upper part into 3 sections in the vertical direction and tie the left and the right parts together to make them into a small bun.

Attach the kinky curly clip ins hair extensions into the twists and wrap the bun with some extension pieces.

Untie the middle twist and apply some curling gel on it to blend it with the extensions attached in the bottom.

Apply the short pieces to the front side of the bun and trim them into appropriate length as your bangs.

Cover the tracks with the middle strand that you left.

Half Up Space Buns

Wash and condition the curly clip ins extensions before using them.

Part your natural hair in the horizontal way from ear to ear to comb out the upper and lower parts and leave out a thin layer in the middle so as to cover the tracks.

Divide the upper part into 2 parts and make them into small buns in both sides.

Tie up the small buns with rubber bands and braid the lower part into several cornrows.

Crochet the ends into the braids and apply the curly clip ins extensions from the bottom to the top along the braids.

Untie the middle thin layer and apply some gels to make them blend well with lower clip ins. Twist the thin layer with clip ins along the edge and mix them together.

Insert short pieces of clip ins into the upper buns and wrap the pieces around the buns. Cover the tracks and fix the pieces with some bobby pins.

High puff with headband

  • Wash and apply leave-in conditioner on your natural hair to define your curls.
  • Section your natural hair into upper and lower parts. Fix the upper part and braid the lower part as you want.
  • Attach the clip in wefts into the braids and you can cut the long wefts into short ones to apply flexibly.
  • Release the front section and apply some eco-styler around your head.
  • Brush out your hair together for a moisturized look and pull all of your hair up to the top of your head then tie them up with scrunchie. Wrapping your hair not too tight will make your scalp more comfortable.
  • Put on the headband and apply some edge control to keep your edges healthy.

High Puff with Bangs

Apply some eco-styler gel on your natural hair and brush all around to make your natural hair as sleek as possible.

Make your hair into a high small bun and secure it with a hairband.

Brush your edge with edge control and cover it with scarf.

Clip the extension pieces around the bun and add volume until you are satisfied.

Wrap the roots of the puff around with the ends of extension pieces to cover the tracks.

Take one piece of clip in hair extensions and install it underneath the puff. To make the bangs thicker, you can apply layer by layer and take a strand of the extensions to wrap around your puff so as to conceal the tracks again.

You can have a trim to make the bangs shorter so that they won’t obscure your vision.

Apply a little bit curling cream to define the curls and the bangs will be more natural.

High bun with front pieces

  • Apply your eco-styler gel around the perimeter of your natural hair and brush out your edges a little bit.
  • Put some edge control around the front perimeter, leave two little sideburn pieces out and brush all your hair up to make a small bun.
  • Install the short clip in hair extensions around the bun and cut the long wefts into short pieces to increase the volume.
  • Wrap the short curly clip ins hair extensions around the bun and hide the tracks with strands of clip in pieces.
  • Comb the two front pieces down and define the two strands of curls with curling jam.

High puff with two strand twists in the front

  • Leave two strands of hair in each side in the front side your head and twist them after applying twisting cream.
  • Brush all your hair up, twist them into a bun, and insert the curly clip ins extensions into the bun.
  • Wrap the roots of your bun around with a strands of clip in extensions to conceal the tracks.
  • Tie up the clip in hair extensions with rubber band from the middle of your hair and let the hair strands fall down to form a fluffy look.

Messy bun

  • Section off your natural hair from the front of your hair and make that into a ponytail.
  • Place the first clip towards the ponytail and snap the clip in extensions into place.
  • Insert the clip ins towards the nape your head and decrease the size as it gets more narrower than the crown of the head when closing to the nape.
  • Take down the ponytail and spray some water to dampen the hair.
  • Apply eco-styler into hair to get a seamless and more sleek look.
  • Put the elastic band around your head and grab it from the back to create an “X” then bring the opposing elastic band over the whole ponytail to create the bun.

Mini twists

  • Wash and condition the curly extensions and allow them to dry overnight.
  • To create the look you want, make the twists out of your kinky clip in extensions and make sure that the size of the twists on extensions will be the same as that on your head.
  • Drench the extensions and scrunch the bottom of the hair with hands to define the curls on the ends.
  • Trim and shape the clip in tensions with sheen.
  • Apply some moisture butter or leave in conditioner on your hair and separate them into different sections. Divide each section into several parallel and vertical small areas and prepare to make mini twists.
  • Take the first section and twist it up from the upper middle area.
  • Repeat the step until you finish twisting the whole head. Leave out some twists in front and tie them up.
  • Add the clip ins at the back first and attach the weft that is the same width.
  • Work from the bottom to the top
  • Flip over the final weft of your twisted extension and attach it in the opposite direction right up against the previous piece installed to conceal the tracks.
  • Insert some hair pins to make the weft flattened and release your leave out to make the wefts full covered.

Space buns

  • Make a straight part down the center of your head and split your natural hair into two sections.
  • Put one side up to keep it out of the way and make sure the sizes of the two buns are similar.
  • Apply some eco-styler all around your hair and take soft bristle brush to smooth your hair out.
  • Grab all your hair together and put it into a bun.
  • Get the other side into a small bun as well.
  • Wrap the clip in extension weft on the top of your bun and clip them onto your head.
  • Wrap the hair around and create a bun around the small bun to cover the tracks.
  • To make the bun bigger and get more volume, you can take extra weft of hair extensions and clip it underneath the bun. Wrap it around the same way as previous.
  • Take some bobby pins and pin them right up to secure the ends of the bun.
  • Turn to the other side and add the clip in extensions as before.
  • When the buns are secured enough, you can take a little bit of eco-styler gel and lay down your edges a little bit more.
  • If your natural hair is not long enough to gather together in a bun, you can make the short hair into braids and fix the ends into the bun.

Sleek Low Ponytail

  • Make your natural hair freshly washed and air dry.
  • Section your natural hair into different areas and make them sleek section by section.
  • Apply the freezing spray on your head to hold your hair in place and when you get everything sleek down, just put your hair in tie.
  • Apply some mousse on top of your front head and spread to lay your edges down.
  • Tie down your front head with silk scarf and let it dry gradually.
  • Make all your natural hair into a bun in the back and attach the clips underneath the bun. Wrap the bun with clip in hair extensions and take a strands to conceal the tracks.

Twist out

  • Part your natural hair and attach the clip in extensions from the bottom.
  • Add some mousse on the extensions and blend them with natural hair.
  • Detangle your hair and smooth it out. Mind not making the extensions fall out.
  • Do regular two-strand twists with your natural hair and extensions then fix the ends with perm rods.
  • Let your hair air dry after twisting all your head and take down the perm rods overnight.

You can experiment with these protective styles to maintain the healthy look. Daily styling and color treatments will damage your natural hair. These options are helpful whether you choose make the chop or grow your hair gradually.

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