CURLSQUEEN Human Hair Extensions



Whether you wear hair extensions on a regular basis or try it for the first time, you, like all girls, have a common goal: to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair.

Although we like our own hair, we prefer to use it as our little secret. We found 4 ways to achieve a perfect combination of our natural hair and hair extension! Here, drawstring ponytail or clip in hair extensions are some must-try tips to make your hair extension look very natural.

  1. Know you hair texture

When mixing your natural hair with hair extensions and choosing to wear “leave-out” (clip-in, U-parts, drawstring ponytails, etc.), it is important to choose a texture that matches your own and is 100% virgin hair. Learning to recognize your unique curl pattern will help you find the best match and position you for the perfect blend. When your hair extensions complement your natural hair, you eliminate any dividing lines and at the same time create continuity between your curls and hair extensions.

  • Detangle

When styling, natural hair Detangling is a must. This also applies to your hair extensions. When hair extensions are tangled, it is obvious that you are wearing them. Detabgling the knotted hair extensions allows you to better control the wearing of the hair extensions. This prevents matting and shedding, creating a perfect natural appearance.

  • Keep your hair hydrated

Once you find the perfect texture match, be sure to keep your hair extensions and natural hair hydrated. You must do this on the natural hair and extensions below. When both are properly hydrated (washing, deep conditioning, etc.), you can build cohesion between their look and feel. Design and blend your hair more easily and seamlessly. Remember to take care of your hair extensions like your natural hair. When styling our Heat Free hair extensions  with your natural hair,  we recommend curl clumping to make the curls pop! You can use your favorite moisturizing curl defining gel or mousse and comb through the hair with a Denman brush or tangle teezer. This will also help with blending.

  • Keep the same style of hair extension and natural hair

The most exciting thing about wearing hair extensions is the freedom to try different looks. Whether you decide to curl, dye or straighten your hair extensions, be sure to do the same with your natural hair. When your natural hair is layered on top of the extension, make sure they are the same style. Don’t discount beauty for being lazy. Finally, loosen, comb or modify natural hair to enhance the blending effect.

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