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Clip on hair extensions are hair extensions attached by clipping the clips which are secured along the hair weft to your natural hair. The small pressure sensitive clips easily clipped and unclipped are prevailing as a convenient temporary install method in hair extensions for simple apply, fast install and safety in the same time you realize thick volume and longer length.

Clip on extensions are not only green-hand friendly but also easy to maintain. Hair extensions wearers must have been pretty familiar with clip ons, however, does it occur to you once that you can make a set of clip on hair extensions by yourself ? How many ways to making clip in hair extensions? What should be prepared for making clip ins? Are they the same with hair extensions from shops…All the answers can be found later.

What are clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are hair extensions attachment method with wefts which can be taken and clipped into your natural hair instantly. The clip in hair extensions set includes several wefts with clips pre-attached and the wefts are usually made into different length from short to long.

The length of weft refers to the the horizontal distance from one side to the other side when it is fully expanded and held with two hands. For instance, the short weft might be 3-inch wide with two clips in both side, the long weft might be 7-10 inch wide with 3-4 clips averagely distributed along the weft. Clip in sets on the internet usually contain several wefts in different length designed for different part of the head perimeter.

Before learning how to make clip in hair extensions, you should make out what the clip in weft is comprised of.

Hair Clips

Hair Weft

How to DIY clip in hair extensions by oneself?

Once learning that clip in hair extensions are basically composed of two simple parts, then making clip in wefts would be possible for every extensions wearer. No matter you are looking for fun or saving budget for yourself, the DIY process worth try.


What should be prepared for making clip in extensions?

Hair extensions made of different materials differ in quality. Hair extensions made of human hair provide soft and natural feeling in that they keep the cuticles intact and unprocessed which shape a natural appearance and the high quality. Human hair extensions are easy to manage and maintain in daily life as well.

Synthetic hair extensions made of synthetic fibers are less expensive than human hair extensions but the functions are dramatically limited on a large extent. You might be troubled with how to make your synthetic hair extensions soft, how to reduce frizz, how to moisturize and so on hair trifles.

  • Hair texture, length and color

Hair textures vary from straight to coily in the range of type 1 to type 4 hair extensions and the color contains natural hue as well as lightened shade. Whether the hair extensions accommodate your natural hair or your hair will be styled into beautiful curls matter.

In addition, the length of your hair extensions count as well if you are going to blend them with your hair.

  • Hair clips

Prepare some hair clips in appropriate size and amount which are in good quality as well. They are easy to acquire in online shop or hair accessories stores. The color, size and material are available in the introduction.

  • Scissors and glue

The tools are not difficult to get either and you might have one scissors at home already. Remember to choose a kind of healthy glue for hair bundles and clips.

  • Hot glue gun

Glue Gun is an ideal tool for attaching the clips to the hair extensions which is light weight with a comfort grip and a built-in stand making it easy to use. The easy squeeze trigger and long insulated nozzle allow a precise application on hair bundles you are working on.

How to make clip in hair extensions in hot glue gun method?

  • Measuring the weft length

The hair bundles unprocessed would be a long weft and you should measure out how long you will need for the first weft at first and cut the weft in a proper length with scissors. Generally, the length of longest weft is the distance from ear to ear and it will require 4 clips to secure the stability on your head.

The second long weft is short than previous ones and require 3 clips on each weft. The shortest weft will be used to add volume on the side of your head which just require one to two clips for each weft.

  • Make the weft thickness

High quality hair bundles are processed into doubled weft by machine to get extra volume and fullness while normal hair bundles are usually single weft. In case you get single weft hair extensions, then it is necessary for you to thicken the hair wefts pieces in advance.

You are supposed to glue 2 wefts in the same length and width together. This step is optional of course. Thicker hair wefts are more likely to make a nice full look.

Spread out the hair weft flat on your table other somewhere even enough.

Put the hot glue along the weft and clap the second weft along the tracks together.

Press the connection to make the double wefts sticking tightly.

  • Make the clips on your wefts

Make the glue on the edge of the weft and put the little clip close to the weft lightly in place. Glue the clips from both sides of the weft and assess the left distance. Make the clips distribute equally and wait for sometime to allow the glue air dry.


What should be prepared for making clip in extensions in sew in method?


How to make clip in hair extensions in sew in method?

  • Thread sew in needles

Take your thread and cut off a quite long strand with scissors.

Hold one end of your thread and lead it through the tiny hole of the sewing needle.

Take the two open ends together and tie them in a knot. Remake more knots to secure the ends and take your scissors to cut off the excess thread.

Unwrap your whole hair bundles completely and overlap two single weft. Original double weft hair bundles are full enough and you don't have to double it again. If you purchase double weft hair bundles, just skip the thickening process.

Take the needle and the thread, grab one end of the wefts then penetrate through  at the ends. Leave the tail some length before the thread getting all the way to the end, loop the needle through the hole and lock the thread.

Penetrate through the weft again and wrap the thread around needle. Pull through the thread.

Sew the wefts together all the way until finishing the work on the other side

  • Measure the length you need

Measure how long you need in different perimeters from your neck to both sides. And mark it with thumbs. It doesn’t have to be equal long with your perimeter. You can mark a little bit shorter than the actual length in that your natural hair will be underneath the wefts.

  • Cut the length you need

Cut the wefts properly from above and go straight down. Pull away any access hair shedding

  • Sew the clips into the wefts

Place the clip at the end of the weft and make sure that comb is facing outside.

Take the needle and thread. hold the clip and weft in place with your fingers, thread the needle through the weft from the tiny hole in the wig clip.

Go on penetrate through the comb teeth and go around the weft. Pull straight the thread and penetrate every other comb teeth. Finish the thread at the end hole of the hair clips and secure the thread with knots in the end. Take your scissors and cut the thread off.

Take next clip and make sure than the comb facing out ward again. Sew the clip in your wefts as the steps and plus the clips as the number you need.


What should be prepared for making clip in extensions in no glue no sew in method

  • Double wefts Human hair bundles
  • Snap on wig clips no sew
  • Scissors

How to make clip in hair extensions in no glue no sew in method?

The construction of wig clips no sew is from usual clips. Usual ones are supposed to have holes while wig clips no sew has two thick prongs in the back.

When you are going to apply them to your hair wefts, hold your wefts with one hand and slide the clip down.

Double weft hair extensions are thick and you might need slightly lift the two prongs up to make them slide in. 

Push the clips down to make sure that the braces are secured onto the weft.

Go ahead and snap more no sew clips to the bundles.

Cut unnecessary hair weft off at the end.

How to install my DIY clip in hair extensions by oneself?

If your clip-in hair extensions are installed incorrectly and are not clipped in the right way, then they are prone to falling or getting loose.

Take an overall shower and blow out your natural hair to get rid of any dirt. Brush your hair thoroughly from top to the bottom. Because scalp grease or dirt would result in the hair extension loose and fallen.

Section your hair into layers and clip the rest on the top of your head which is conducive to installing the clip in hair extensions in case of getting the extra hair sandwiched in between. Each section you put the clip need be combed and sprayed. Fix the clips with an anchor in case of slipping out. Where the anchors will be depend on your hair texture, but they should scattered evenly around the sides and back of the head.

Take your clip-in hair extension weft out and open the the clips. Insert them over your sectioned hair and gently slide them on. Press the clips to keep them in place when they are properly merged with your natural hair.

Repeat last step until you get the volume you want and the clipped areas are properly covered.

When you finish adding all of your clip in hair extensions, gently comb your hair and enjoy the hairstyle designed by yourself.

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