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How to get the most out of a long term protective style

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1.)Make sure your hair is not braided to tight

When it comes to getting a protective style the manner in which it is installed is the most important.

•Incorrect tucking of your hair. After getting your hair done if your ends are sticking out of the braids this style Cannot be categorised as protective. Hair sticking out of the braids is susceptible to weather damage and dryness that could result in breakage and split ends.

•too much tension on the hairline area. If your hair is braided too tightly usually resulting in small pimples developing in that area then that can not be considered a protective style. Excessive tension results in hair breakage that in the long run can become permanent.

•Braiding the hair too thin can also result in hair damage especially if this style is meant to last a while. As the hair grows out and time passes eventually unbraiding the hair will become a difficult task.Trying to detangle the individual strands will be a challenge.

In order to avoid this finding a trusted hairdresser to install said protective style is important.


2.) Keep the hair Moisturised

The second step into getting the most out of your protective style is to keep the scalp/hair moisturized. Dry hair breaks and just because your hair is in a protective style and tucked away doesn’t mean exclude it from getting dry. A Moisturizing spritz/Spray leave in conditioner and oil every couple of days is the best way to do this.

3.) Avoid continuous tension on the hair

Along with getting a protective style the manner in which one chooses to style it also plays a role in how protected your hair is. For example, continuously keeping the hair tied up, keeping the braids in buns etc especially with heavy and long braids may lead to hair loss due to the tension pulling at the hair.


4.) Use a silk scarf to wrap the hair up when it’s time to sleep.

Keeping your hair wrapped up at night goes a long way into how long your protective style lastes. Using a silk/satin wrap will help:

-retain the moisture in your hair

-cut down on fizz and keeping the hair in tact

5.) Keep your scalp clean

Because hair grows from the scalp, looking after the scalp by keeping it clean and moisturised is very important. When in extension braids sticking to a weekly/bi-weekly wash day routine may not be a feasible one especially if the plan is to keep the style in for a long time. So the times in between the wash days products such as dry shampoos, scalp cleaners and waterless washes can be used to keep that scalp clean.

We need to remember that because your hair is wrapped in extensions your roots are not. Dirt and product buildup hangs around here and may lead to excessive fizz,cause scalp irritations such as itching and loosen the extension hence the importance of keeping the scalp clean.

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