If you’re thinking about going natural, creating curly hairstyles, or learning about the latest hair growth tips, you’re not alone since many women are using CURLSQUEEN to improve their hair care routine. This is the home of our content to help you in your journey to embrace and empower your natural hair texture. The content is categorized to help you find what you need, look out for guest spots from our favorite influencers and stylists.

why your hair can’t grow

Although the hair of other races can be straight, wavy, or curly, most blacks have tightly curly hair to varying degrees. It may be spiral, coiled, circular, zigzag, or other curves. This is why it...

how to style drawstring ponytail wig million ways

One of the popular protective styles that almost every naturalist love is drawstring ponytails. They are so natural & versatile yet easy & effortless to style,which allows you to dress them up and...
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