CURLSQUEEN Human Hair Extensions


If you’re thinking about going natural, creating curly hairstyles, or learning about the latest hair growth tips, you’re not alone since many women are using CURLSQUEEN to improve their hair care routine. This is the home of our content to help you in your journey to embrace and empower your natural hair texture. The content is categorized to help you find what you need, look out for guest spots from our favorite influencers and stylists.

the complete guide to jumbo box braids

Jumbo Box braids is a three-strand braiding hairstyle evolved from box braids. It is a thicker and bigger variant of braiding protective hairstyles which divide your natural hair into boxy shapes.

how to revive damaged hair extensions

If you ignore daily maintenance for hair extensions, you might have trouble in detangling the dry and damaged hair extensions. Take good care of your hair extensions to make them last longer will...

natural girl's guide to curly tape in hair extensions

Curly tape in hair extensions are textured tape-in extensions, designed to add length and volume to curly natural hair for girls, which can be applied in less than an hour, so you can greatly save...

best human hair wig guide for black women

Human hair wig will be the best choice for those who are losing hair or don’t want to spend too much time on styling. Human hair wigs are highly versatile, painless, lightweight and breathable...

best guide for 4c hair care and growth

4C hair is one of natural hair textures in the hair chart which is used to lead people to the right way when searching for products, techniques, inspiration, and information.
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